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Consulting Engineers in Infrastructure Development and Resource Management

M.E.T.T.S. Pty. Ltd. (ABN 66 050 710 015) is an Australian private company registered in Queensland, Australia.

M.E.T.T.S. can help you undertake and bring to fruition your projects in:
bullet energy and fuel resource management,
bullet infrastructure development for power, and wastes management,
bullet research and development in specific technologies, and
bullet appropriate technology transfer with associated training to complement the above.

current specialities include:

  Consulting on Fuel Resource Development

Consulting on the development of fuel resources that have included mined coal wastes, undeveloped coal resources, natural gas, domestic waste and manure. Consulting being undertaken for projects in central Queensland (Australia), Cebu (Philippines), Manila (Philippines), central Australia and southern New South Wales (Australia) respectively. In each case a feasibility or implementation study has been completed for the client. The clients have included BMA, the South East Asian Power Partnership, Knetic Renewables P/L and Central Petroleum Ltd.

Another example of consulting on fuel resource development was undertaken by Dr Michael Clarke in 2007 for the Asian Development Bank. This study produced an implementation pathway with milestones for the development of the Thar lignite deposit, Pakistan. Recent consulting work has been undertaken on deep coal and on remote natural gas and helium monetisation for Central Petroleum Ltd.

The major recurring themes of our consulting have been the application of clean coal technologies (including carbon sequestration), energy from wastes, resource conservation and monetisation, and the recovery of wasted fuel resources.

  Consulting on Applications of Desalination Technologies

Consulting regarding the application of mechanical vapour compression (MVC) desalination technology was undertaken for Aquadyne Inc. From this work hybrid (Reverse Osmosis with MVC) concepts were developed. In-house consulting has been carried out for TSI-Asia Co. Ltd (Bangkok) on regional desalination opportunities.

The major recurring theme of our desalination consulting has been maximising water recovery with responsible management of the eventual waste stream.

  Project Development, Management and Implementation

Our company is dedicated to the integration of research with industrial development. An example of this type of activity was M.E.T.T.S.'s management and leadership of a major industrial research project that involved the combustion of natural gas at elevated temperatures. This project was called Radiant Tube Technology. Other participants in this project were, the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation (ceramics), the Department Chemical Engineering (combustion science), Sydney University and the Australian Gas Light Company (gas technology). The project attracted significant funding from the Australian Government's Energy Research and Development Corporation.

With respect to waste disposal, M.E.T.T.S. favours combustion systems that produce clean emissions whilst providing useful energy recovery. Fluidised Bed Combustors (of the atmospheric bubbling variety) are viewed as being a proved technology that offers the possibility of utilising many of the low specific energy bio-fuels and indigenous fossil fuels. Reasonable energy conversion efficiencies are obtained using such technologies - with minimal environmental harm. The operation and maintenance of such units and associated generation equipment can be carried out by local technicians and engineers after short training courses.

  Our Structure

The structure of M.E.T.T.S. is that it is a private company owned by Dr Michael Clarke and Mr Thomas Warlick. Tom Warlick, a management consultant, from Tulsa, Oklahoma, replaced the late Richard Stevenson in 2008. Expertise additional and outside that held by the directors is supplied by associates of the company. Our associates include chemical, biochemical, civil, electrical and mechanical engineers, scientists, and senior technicians.

  Our Associated U.S. Company

Pacific Power Partners LLC

Pacific Power Partners LLC (PPP) is a Tulsa, Oklahoma based engineering/management consultancy which has been marketing new and used generating plant into Asia. Its Company President is Mr Thomas Warlick, its Vice Presidents are Dr Michael Clarke and Mr John Garrard, and its Associate is Mr. George Thomas. Tom Warlick is a management consultant, George Thomas is a mechanical engineer with vast experience in power generation, and John Garrard is a senior technician with expertise in waste water management, desalination technologies and centrifuge applications.

  Our Associated Australian Companies

Techniskill Construction Pty. Ltd. (ACN 001 643 616) - Facilitation Engineers, Sydney

Techniskill has established its reputation by providing a thoroughly professional service to its many clients in industry. Those industries include construction, power, wastes management, food processing, manufacturing and petrochemical. The company has also provided its services to government departments (including the Australian Defence Department) and authorities (including Sydney Water).

Techniskill's major involvement is in planning/co-ordination of projects from their design, to construction through to commissioning. It has specialised in plant relocation, refurbishment, reconstruction and recommissioning. The company is also involved in environmental protection as it relates to industry.

Techniskill and its CEO, Fritz Kilcher, have co-operated with M.E.T.T.S. on numerous projects. Techniskill provides an implementation and personnel back-up to M.E.T.T.S. project design work.

Thermotek Pty. Ltd. (ACN 057 875 591) - Mechanical Engineers and Project Managers, Brisbane

Thermotek are specialists in process plant design and installation. Thermotek build strategic partnerships to transform the wealth of knowledge and information into a true information asset, to aid field activities.

Each project is based on a facility design with a cost plan, maintenance and construction programmes, quality assurance procedures, safety and environmental responsibilities delineated, materials procurement schedules completed, and other initiatives identified by Thermotek and the client. Thermotek and its MD, Michael Hayes, have co-operated with M.E.T.T.S. on numerous projects. Thermotek provides mechanical engineering, project management and personnel back-up to M.E.T.T.S. project design work.

Duncan Seddon and Associates Pty. Ltd. (ACN 079 934 286) - Process chemists and consultants to the hydrocarbon processing and petrochemical industries.

Duncan Seddon and Associates Pty. Ltd. (duncanseddon.com) provides commercial due diligence, analysis of present and emerging technologies, and valuation of uncommitted and discovered resources. Duncan Seddon and Associates Pty. Ltd. and its managing director, Dr. Duncan Seddon, have co-operated with M.E.T.T.S. on projects requiring in-depth analyses of processing options for challenging fossil fuels.

  Contact Details

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